sunday morning and the carrot

She is really cute. So thin, so blonde. With her athletic body and two little tits, always going around the house wearing just a thong. I am a 36 years old woman, and first days I didn’t like this 22 years old waitress, but I need to share my flat bills! She moved here a week ago and this morning she is so happy cause it’s Sunday and she doesn’t work. However, she woke up early as always.

I guess she likes I keep on watching her cause it seems she bend on purpose too often, pretending doing something around the house and showing me her cute tonic bottom with the pink string sank inside! I am wearing my pajama and I would like to take a shower, but I can’t take my eyes off of her. I am lying on the sofa and keep on watching her cleaning the table. Now she is in front of me, her arms rub the table slowly with large movements. Her firm little tits almost don’t move! I can see her hard nipples rising up. And I can feel mine too!

"You should take off your pajamas, it’s hot today.." she says smiling at me. I smile back and take off my shirt showing my black bra. "Are you going to do the laundry today? Maybe you can add some of my clothes!". She stops working and come to take my pajama top, watching at my bra: " I would like have mine big like those!" she starts stroking her tits with both hands, and begin pulling her own nipples. I take off my bra showing my boobs. "Oh, beautiful" she says stroking my big hard nipples with a hand and keeping the other one on her tits. I take off my pajamas and my panties in a second.

I can’t wait anymore, I feel my pussy hot and wet, and I want to see her! "Show me your pussy" She smiles happy and she takes off her little thong. Her little pussy is cute and blond with very few hairs. I put my hand on it and lead her to the sofa. She is already lying on her back with her legs wide open, naughty girl!

Her cunt is completely exposed and she shows it proudly, her labia are hairless and smooth, and I can see her clit and her little hole in the middle. I’m hot and wet! With both hands she grabs her ass and open it wide to show me her little pink hole! She smiles: "If you like you can play with both my holes, I never take cocks, only fingers!". Slut, I think!

I put my mouth in her cunt sucking and licking like crazy. I love her smell. I suck all her juice. And I can feel my cunt getting wet more and more. She moans and shakes her hips. "Yes… suck me…. yes!!!". I put my middle finger all inside her cunt. "Aaaah" she cries. "You never take cocks really?" I ask pushing my finger deeper. "Neveer… neveeerr" she cries. I pump my finger in and out harder and harder, "Ohhh Ohhh", she is slamming her hips on the sofa. Now I put two fingers in her cunt. "And how many fingers can you take?" I start pushing and pulling my hand working with her hole, and I find it quite hard to go deeper, this hole is really tight! "Little bitch, I open you wide!". "No please don’t hurt me, no, be gentle".

I can believe it, she is good actress! I know she wants more and more. I stand up and watch her lying on the sofa with open legs and open mouth, breathing hard, wheezing and moaning, squeezing her own tits and pulling her own nipples.

I walk to the shelf and take a big long carrot. I walk back slowly towards her while sucking the carrot gently. She looks at me smiling. She is wanking her clit. "Let me see that little hole" I say. Suddenly she turns to stay on her knees showing me her beautiful ass. I begin to lick from the cunt to the asshole, and lick again and again until a new and hot juice comes out.

I put the carrot against her hole. I push gently. I have to force a little... "AHHHH".. inside! "It’s huge" she cries. "Yes, and its long!" I say smiling. I push further until the middle of the carrot is inside, then I pull it out and in again and out and in, "AHAHHHA Yes, it hurts… yes… ahhahh,". I am fucking her with a carrot, well half carrot! The best is yet to come! While she is screaming as a slut, I push deeper inside "Take it all!" I say. "OOOOHHHH" I fuck her cunt hard and hard, in and out, I am using the whole big carrot like a drill in her hole, "FUCK ME FUCK ME YES FUCK ME!!!!" , She is slamming her hips in the air, I have to grab her tight with the other hand while I keep pumping inside as much as I can, dirty slut she is never tired, my arm hurts while I pump and her cunt is taking more and more! Some hard strokes more and "OOOOHHH MY GOOOOD" finally she comes shaking her ass and screaming loud. I let her on the sofa with the carrot still inside and I go to take a shower. "Next time I’ll try your ass". "YES!".

2-How to punish a bad flat mate
At the end of an hard day at work, I love relax in the bath. Not tonight. My later flat mate likes listen to music loud or scream at the phone with her stupid friends all the time. I try to relax anyway, a few minutes of silence…

Then I hear her calling me from the kitchen asking for somewhat I don’t understand. She is so cute, but she is too loud! I stand up from my bath and run in the kitchen, naked and wet. "What? I am trying to relax, I am really tired, what do you want now?" . She looks at me guilty: "Would you like to have dinner with me?". I do my best to be kind : "Thank you, but now I want to finish my bath" . She looks at me smiling: "Sorry… Would you like me to dry your skin?". I am very angry with her: "No, I said I have to finish the bath yet".

I run again into the bathroom. No chance to relax. I take a towel and I dry myself. I see from the mirror that she stands on the door. Naked. Little slut! If she wants to say sorry this way, she has to work hard! I pretend not to see her and keep using the towel. So she says: "Maybe I can help you to relax". I look at her: "Maybe you deserve e punishment!". " Oh yes !! Spank me!!!" She says happy and show me her ass.

I can see her little cunt between her legs and the cut in the middle of the ass is so good! I spank her with the towel, she laugh, I spank her with my hand and leave a red sign on her cute ass. She doesn’t laugh anymore! I hit again with my hand in the same point. "AHH" she cries, but she holds with hands to the wall, open her legs and offer me all her fitness addicted trained ass: "Again!".

I hit her again and again, left hand and righ hand, her ass tremble and get red, left hand on her left side of the ass and right hand on the right side of her ass, "mmm", I know she clench her teeth to not scream, and I hit harder and harder, her ass is completely red and seems quite swell. I stop. "Again!!!" she says. And suddenly she is down on her knees, her head to the floor and her ass up on air, her legs wide open to show me the best part of her body.

The cunt is swell and wet, her open ass is so appealing . This little hole is mine! But first she deserves some more spanks. I take my wood hair brush, and with the flat side I start hitting her ass in the inside right close to the hole. "AHHHH" she scream loud now! A spank on a right! "AHHHH" and a spank on the left in her inner ass! "AHHHH" she cries. I hit harder. "AHHHH" and harder "AHHHH", I can see the shape of the brush in her soft skin: "Stop stop please stop".

"Oh, little girl, did you learn the lesson?" I say firmly. "Yes, please, I am sorry, please stop". She cries, but she doesn’t move. Her ass open to me! I see her cunt trembling.
"Bad girl you are!" I say. "Yes, I’m bad girl, sorry!" she says. I look at the brush in my hands, I put the handle against her cunt to take her juice, she moans, I put the brush handle in her ass, slowly, inside "AHHH" she cries. A little bit inside, "AHHH" more and more, while all the handle sank in her body and I see only the brush planted in her ass: "Stand up" I say . "Hold tight your ass and walk around, don’t let it get out!".

She smile at me happy, little slut! She likes this things I know! Excited like a baby-girl starts going around with little steps! "Mmmm" she moans, at every step the brush moves inside her. "Mmmm" two steps more and she stops with the muscles of her ass shaking to hold the hard stick inside. "Ohhh" two little steps more, I see the brush going out a little.

She leans against the table and gentle push the brush all inside again "OOHHH", she looks at me proud! She smiles and say "Fuck me please". I look at her "No, not tonight, you are punished! But I forgive you!"

sunday morning and the carrot